hi, welcome to my polychromatic world. I am arvin wei, living in a small room with my paintings, and smoking in here. is my unfinish artwork.

I want someone to see my paintings, I am working for it.


Love fairy tales, love violin, love Sheena Ringo, when I painted my works, I play music, always. So notes will be brilliant on the canvas in my paintings. Painting might be more apposite to me, happy to me, easy to me and I will be painting all my life.


My Gallery.

I was born in 1988. Goodbye 32! I was young, I built a gallery for myself, but only I with myself in the gallery.


A room full of woods. They are waiting for dried with rosin. If woods be dried, they are so strong and steady. The funny thing is the color of wood will gradually deepen, like human, but the pigments on canvas is not. The color is not old, color will be go on, forever. Color can tell tales, one by one.


Meeting is a very difficult; Missing is a inertia. My painting will be find you, tell you my secret, tell you I was in here.

你好,欢迎来到我的色彩世界。我是arvin wei,在堆满油画的房间里,吞吐烟圈。